Quicken Starter

Quicken Starter For Windows

Quicken Starter For Windows: What Is It?

We all have a monthly budget or some semblance of it. This helps us set an expenditure limit which we ideally shouldn’t cross. But it gets really hard to keep track of all the dues, bills, expenditures and more manually. Of course, there are a variety of apps which offer to do it for you. But these often either complicate matter sun necessarily or oversimplify them. Moreover there are huge security concerns over sharing your financial data with such apps. To help you out of such troubles, Quicken starter is here:

What is Quicken?

It is software which helps you manage your personal finances. It’s very convenient to use as well since all you have to do is remember one Quicken ID. This ID can be used to access all types of Quicken applications.

System requirement details for Quicken?

For windows you are going to need:

  • 1 GHz capacity computer at least.
  • At least Windows 7, 8 or 10 as an operating system.
  • Minimum Memory of one GB.
  • Hard disk should have unused disk space of at least 450 MB. But if .NET isn’t installed then the number goes up to 1.5 GB.
  • Your monitor should have a screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher.

What is Quicken Starter?

Quicken Starter will help you manage your money better. Here’s all you will be able to do with it:

  • You will be able to import all of your credit card transactions automatically.
  • Keep track of your money’s whereabouts. This also means that the transactions you make will automatically get categorized.
  • Worried about overspending? Quicken will help you make a budget.
  • Export multiple kinds of register transactions straight to excel.
  • You will be able to see your online bills and they will show up on your calendar widget too.
  • All of your reminders will be in just one Bills section in the dashboard.
  • Know that Quicken will allow you to keep full ownership as well as access to all data.
  • You will be able to analyze what and how much you spend since it will be broken down according to percentage and category.
  • After spending and paying off your dues you will know how much balance you have left.
  • Keep track of all your dues and upcoming bills. You will also be able to pay it straight from Quicken.
  • In case of trouble, you will be able to talk to Quicken support crew.

Quicken Starter is easy to access and use. You will also be able to access it over web, mobile or desktop. This will allow you to manage your finances from anywhere. Moreover, it has powerful encryption which will keep your money safe. For Windows, Quicken Starter comes at $34.99 per year with a 30 day or one month money back promise.