Quicken Starter For Mac

Quicken Starter For Mac

What Do You Get With Quicken Starter Support For Mac

Mac as a system works differently from Windows and the applications which are designed for it are different as well. But when it comes to quicken Starter for Mac, then it provides the same services as it does on Windows in regards to managing your finances. But it does provide some unique features which only work on a Quicken Starter Support For Mac.

What features are provided by Quicken Starter Support For Mac?

With this application you will be able to get the following:

  • You will be able to get all your credit card transactions imported automatically as well as securely.
  • All your transactions will obviously get categorized so that you know where each one is going. This will later help you in finding a specific transaction.
  • Since quicken is a financial management application so you will obviously be able tostay on top of the spending game by creating well categorized budgets and maintaining your bill payments.
  • With quicken starter for Mac you will be able to pay off your bills by making use of the improved Bills menu.
  • In Mac, as was in Windows; you will be able to track your financial data and transactions across a variety of platforms like desktop, mobile and web.
  • Quicken starter for Mac feels very fresh with an improved new look. This makes it visually attractive as well apart from providing the technical services.
  • The application also now comes with a better back up.
  • All your financial data will be protected behind a strong encryption wall and only you will be able to access it as well as claim ownership over it.
  • The application lets you see your transaction history, the prevalent spending trends and more.
  • Here you will be keep your financial data and budget updated since you will be able to automatically and quickly import your bank details.
  • All your expenditures and incomes will get categorized automatically so you know where they are going.
  • It comes with a icon setup which lets you chat with the quicken support system in case you have some queries or problems.

Apart from these, there are many more improvements which have been made keeping customer suggestions in mind. All of them help in upgrading the reliability of the product. Quicken Starter for Mac comes at $34.99 per year for now. If you don’t like what you use and see them you will get your money back within 30 days.