Quicken Premier for Windows

Quicken Premier Support for Windows

Features Of Quicken Premier for Windows

Handling finances is always a tricky job. If done wrong it can wreck havoc on your life. So to simplify matters there needs to be an application which handles financial matters with the urgency, security and vigilance it needs. As such, the perfect application for the job is Quicken Premier Support for Windows.

What is Quicken Premier Support for Windows?

Quicken Premier Support for Windows will help you make the most out of your investments. Here are the features you will get with it:

  • You will be able to track your investments and know their performance. This will help you make better selling or buying decisions.
  • The application will aid you in minimizing the taxes you will have to pay up in your investments.
  • Just like with Quicken Starter and Deluxe, here too you will be able to sync your financial data across web, desktop and mobile platforms.
  • In the Premier option too you will be able to transfer your transactions over to Excel.
  • For all the transactions you carry out, you will get a report sent from Quicken through mail.
  • Most people have a lot of bills to keep track of. But some bills are just more important than others. To be aware of those, you will now be able to “Favourite” the Bills you have to pay.
  • In this Premier option, you will be able to know the unrealized and realized gains along with the quotes which are instantaneously updated.
  • Bills and other dues also have to be paid on time. There’s a good chance you might forget about it if you are busy elsewhere. So to keep you from becoming a defaulter, there‚Äôs minder option which will flash your bills on the Bills dashboard.
  • Have trouble keeping track of tax rates? Quicken offers you the latest 2018 tax and mileage rates.
  • You will also be able to get the latest features without updating anything.
  • You will be able to see the current spending trends.
  • Bank transactions will now get imported easily in Quicken. Your financial information won’t be readable since it will get imported straight from the bank.
  • You will also get guaranteed data access as well as full ownership to your data.

Apart from the above, there’s a lot more which has been upgraded according to customer suggestions. Security risks are also minimized her since Quicken uses 256-bit robust encryption security which will keep your information safe. You will be able to buy Quicken Premier Support for Windows $499.49 per year.