How to Create a New Quicken File?

How to Create a New Quicken File?

Quicken helps you to manage your personal, business and finances. All the program of the Quicken store in data files on your hard disk and can use even if you reinstall the program for Create New Quicken File. Also, if you want to start fresh quicken, then you can do it in just a few steps. You need to delete the data file, and you need to rename it. When you remove the data file, then it erases all your data and when you rename it, then the data file forces to create a new record. Renaming the name is one of the best options for you because it enables you to start fresh. Even you can keep your data backup.

When you create the new file, then your current data file will consist of the transaction that occurs after the date you specify. It retains all investment and un-reconciled trade. If you use the Quicken business and home, all the unpaid deal will save and invoices linked to a payment that comes under the few date range.

Start the Create a New Quicken File process

You create the new file then you must reconcile all the account. If you don’t do that then all unreconciled transaction created before the date you specify for Quicken new file. Start the new file process

  1. Tap on the File menu
  2. Click on the Year-End Copy
  3. Select New Year and then OK

Set the Create New Quicken File Name and Location

Need to add the file name for the year-end copy file. Don’t include the extension because It executes automatically. Once you find the name of the data and the location of it then tap on the browse button to change the location of the data.

Decide the date for the New Quicken File

Make sure that the start date for the new file then either accepts the Quicken file or change the time by either clicking on the date box or adding the new date. You can click on the calendar symbol. Use the arrow in the calendar to navigate the folder and back through the envelope. Tap on the time of month which you want to choose for the New Year Quicken file. There is the file that you use every day.

Save it Create New Quicken File

You create the New Year file then it will ask you to use an old or new one. Remember, all the old data are your back up files. Select the New file and tap on OK. You can check the register to make sure that all the past transaction removed. It already is shown in the above tutorial. If some files remain then these are the previous year transaction or to the date specified in the New Year file. It does not reconcile. If it happens, then you need to open the backup data to combine your accounts and go through the entire tutorial again that start with step 1.

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