How do I fix Quicken error CC 501?

How do I fix Quicken error CC 501?

Quicken is one of the friendly software that helps you to manage the financial data daily. It helps to maintain the critical task related to data. In some cases, when you are updating your information, the fix Quicken error CC 501 can happen. You can solve Quicken error CC 501 by taking the solutions. But before you need to know why Quicken error CC 501 occurs.

There are several reasons for the Error CC 501. Some of the errors are below:

  • The installation of the Quicken app is not complete.
  • It is full of the viruses
  • You may download unwanted junk files by mistake, and it slows down your desktop.
  • You may use the old version of the Quicken
  • You may have confirmed your bank credentials.

Here is the solution to fix Quicken error CC 501?

Update your Quicken Account

When you update the account, you may find the error has gone. Here is how you can update your account.

  • Open the Quicken software on your PC.
  • Open help and tap on Check for updates.
  • If it is not updated then tap on Install the Latest update of Quicken Software button.
  • Click on the Yes and install the latest release.
  • Wait while updating.

If it’s not enough, then go for the next step.

Refresh the Bank Account

  • Go to “My Account”
  • Click on the update
  • Enter your correct ID and password
  • Click on update

Deactivate Quicken Account

You need to deactivate Quicken account with the help of given noted points:

  • Visit account tools and open the list
  • Click on edit on account that has an error
  • Click on the Online service option
  • Click on deactivate then YES then OK then DONE.

Reactivate your Quicken App

  • Go to tools then open the account list.
  • Tap on edit on the account
  • Click on the online services and click set up now.
  • Add the bank login details
  • Tap on connect and then Next then Finish

Clean the junk files from your PC

  • Tap on the START button.
  • Type command in the search box
  • Hold the keys CTRL + SHIFT and tap on the enter button.
  • Tap on YES
  • Tap on Clean mgr and press enter.
  • It will fix your errors.


If you still can’t able to solve the issue with the help of the above step, then you can contact the support team. There are several reasons that this issue can happen so sometimes it needs extra help from Quicken support. It is the scrip issue that needs to escalate and don’t have an immediate resolution. These are sometimes the script issues which need to be increased and don’t have a quick solution. If it happens while trying to add an account, then wait for the 24 hours and contact the support team if you have waited 24 hours.


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